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RV Types

FLY2RV has access to over 10,000 Airport and Destination RV rentals at 350 participating airports across the United States. All you need to do is decide which airport or destination you would like to fly into and we will do the rest. Simply fill in the RV Rental Request form and we will provide you with different pricing packages and options base on your request and budget.

Below you will find examples of the five different RV types FLY2RV has to rent along with the estimated nightly rental rate. Note that only drivable RVs are able to be delivered to an airport. Both drivable and towable RVs can be delivered to a Destination or Event. 

Class A Diesel Pusher

Typical rental rate is ($750 - $1,500) per night plus taxes and fees

These beautiful Diesel Pusher provides the luxury of home on wheels. The motor coaches are typically 40-45' in length with 3-4 slides. The rear bedroom normally has a king bed, entertainment center and some come with a master bathroom. These large coaches will sleep between 8-10 and provides seating for the same. Typical amenities include; Outdoor TV, Stereo System, Flat Screen TVs and In-Motion Satellite TV, Automatic Leveling System and Back Up Camera, Dish Washer, Microwave, Oven and Residential Refrigerator, Factory Roof Duct A/C, Power Retractable Awning and Electric Fireplace, Clothes dryer and Washing machine

Class A Gas

Class A Gas Motor Homes are typically in the range 30-38' in length. There are usually a minimum of two slide-outs. For quality and luxury, the Class A gas motor home is the way to go. Plenty of storage space, roomy interior and lower nightly rental rate compared to the Class A Diesels. Typically 6-8 people can sleep in the motor home as there is a bedroom located in the back and couches that fold down into beds in the living room area. If luxury, plenty of space, and an interior that resembles home is your concern, then choose the Class A gas motor home. This is the perfect motor home for luxury and style.

Typical Rental Rate is ($250- $500) per night plus taxes and fees

Class C Gas

The Class C motor home is the compromise between the Class A and the Class B. They are built with a cabin chassis. They are easy to pick out by their over cab sleeping area. The location of the sleeping area allows for more room in the living area. 4-6 people can sleep in one Class C motor home. The Class C motor home is easier to drive and park. For bigger families take a look at the Class C motor home. Typical a Class C will have two slide outs, 6-8 seat belts and amenities that make your trip a breeze. 

Typical Rental Rate is ( $150-$350.00) per night plus taxes and fees

5th Wheeler

These 5th Wheelers can be quite large, ranging between 35 and 45 feet. This allows you to accommodate up to ten people— perfect for newbie and veteran families alike.  Fifth Wheels are a very popular destination RVs, and for a lot of good reasons for the luxury amenities and sleeping space. Most fifth wheels today also come with multiple slide-outs. Space can be expanded even further once camp is set up. 


NOTE: 5th Wheelers can not be delivered to an airport, only to Destination locations.

Typical Rental Rate is ( $150-$250.00) per night plus taxes and fees.

Travel Trailer

Typical Rental Rate is ( $100-$175.00) per night plus taxes and fees.

Travel trailers are the most popular type of non-motorized destination RV.  Travel trailers come in all sizes including tiny jellybean-shaped models with a chuckwagon kitchen in the rear to the massive house-on-wheels with picture windows and a sliding glass patio door.  A travel trailer is the least expensive way to enjoy a recreational vehicle or RV lifestyle.

NOTE: Travel Trailers can not be delivered to an airport, only to Destination locations.



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