Right To Use RV Agreement

The Right to Use Agreement allows you to use one of FLY2RV Brand New 2023 RVs during your designated week(s) on an annual basis during the term of the Agreement. The typical Right to Use RV agreement term is 6 years. The Agreement can be made with an individual, multiple parties or families, company or corporation. Simply pick your homebased destination FLY2RV airport and the number of designated weeks of the year you would like to use the RV. Depending on the total amount of time per year you plan on using the RV, (3 weeks or less) a Right to Use RV Agreement is financially more beneficial than to purchase or rent an RV.

2023 Thor Windsport 34R Arriving Spring 2023




2023 Thor Windsport 34R 2023 Thor Windsport 34R
Agreement Term (Years) 6 Financing Term (years) 6
No of weeks per year* 1 Sales Price $218,850.00
Total No. of weeks 6 Interest Rate 8.95%
Total Useage Days 42 Fed, State, Local Tax $19,477.65
Title and Fees $1,285.00
Total Cost and Fees $239,612.74
Right To Use Depost* $8,417.31 Purchase Deposit $47,922.55
Financed Amount $191,690.19
Monthly Membership Fee $79.93 Monthly Loan Pay $3,450.56
Annual Maintenance 0.00 Annual Maintenance $1,575.00
Annual Insurance 0.00 Annual Insurance $2,340.00
Annual Storage Fees 0.00 Annual Storage Fees $3,540.00
* Additional weeks require additional deposit amount.

Benefits compared to financing



No financial Qualifications Have to financially qualify for RV loan
Flexible number of weeks per year usage Available 24/7 usage
No long term financial commitment Long term financial commitment
Sale, trade or rent your designated week 8-10% depreciation per year
No storage fees Storage fees
No maintenance or repair fees Maintenance, repair and upkeep fees
No insurance fees Insurance fees
Monthly fee 50-90% less than finance payment Monthly Loan Payments
Drive a brand new model every 3 years Same RV for until sold or trade in.
RV is waiting for you at the destination Airport Drive to destination location, gas, wear and tear
RV is serviced, clean and ready to drive away Prep work prior to departure
Unlimited Free Miles Additional miles to drive to destination
Unlimited Generator Use Additional generator use to destination
After trip, drop RV back off at airport and fly away Drive from destination to home base
No cleaning, washing and dealing with tanks Empty tanks, flush lines, wash coach
Same familiar model each year
Same model

Don't wait, reserve your designated week or weeks for this beautiful 2023 Thor Windsport 34R.