Renting an RV is fun and exciting and can come with lots of new experiences. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 1-800-787-5723 or email us at Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions that you may also find helpful.


Are pets allowed?

We love our furry companions and most of our RV dealers allow pets upon approval, depending the size and breed. Check the details of your RV when booking to confirm if your specific pet would be allowed. Typically there is an additional pet fee and cleaning fee.

What is the check in process?

Each of our RVs may require a slightly different check-in. Once you have your RV booked, you will receive an email with all details about the pick up process and contact information if you have any questions. Our local RV rental dealer will contact you to introduce themselves and from there will be your main point of contact. 

GENERAL AVIATION: If you are flying in private, arrangements will be made for you to meet the RV at the participating Fixed Base Operator (FBO). The RV will meet you at the FBO airside ramp to load your luggage onto the RV. At that time, you will go through a thorough walk-through and check out of the RV. Depending on your previous RV experience, expect to spend around 30-60 minutes for the check out and signing the documentation.  FLY2RV is consistently negotiating fuel discounts with our participating FBOs, check with us on the latest updates.

COMMERICAL: Flying into a commercial airport, you would contact our local RV rental dealer when you land. You would then proceed to the baggage claim to gather any belongings and meet the FLY2RV transportation vehicle outside the baggage area. You can identify the FLY2RV transportation vehicle by the LED "FLY2RV" sign in the dashboard. The FLY2RV transport vehicle will take you to the airport cell phone lot where the RV will be waiting for you. At that time, you will have a thorough walk-through and check out of the RV. Depending on your previous RV experience, expect to spend around 30-60 minutes for the check out and signing the documentation.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Unfortunately in travel delays happen. If your flight is delayed you will need to contact your RV dealer as soon as possible to arrange a new pick up time. You can find your RV dealer information in your check in email.

Do I need a special license to drive an RV?

All of our RVs can be drove with a standard license.

Will my RV come standard with Insurance?

Yes, all of our RVs come with insurance Included.

Will I have Road side assistance if I break down?

Our rental dealers will have an emergency contact number for you to call. In addition, FLY2RV has an 800 number to call. That number is 800-787-5723.

What do I need to bring?

Most of our RVs supply a basic kitchen, bathroom and linens. Check your RV details for information on linens and kitchen supplies.

Where can I park and spend the night?

Walmart Parking lots and Cracker Barrel allow overnight parking of RVs. Prior to your trip, it is highly recommended that you make arrangements and reservations with camp grounds, national parks and other destinations for your length of stay. State Parks are a great option for camping, however the length of the RV may be restricted. Please contact the State Park for Rules and Regulations for RV Camping. FLY2RV will be negotiating discounts with events, campgrounds and other destinations, please subscribe for updates. 

How do I return the RV?

Please contact FLY2RVs locale RV rental dealer 12 or more hours prior to returning the RV. Provide them with you estimated time of arrival at the FBO or Airport Cell Phone lot.

GENERAL AVIATION: If you flew in private, you will return the RV at the participating Fixed Base Operator (FBO). Proceed to the gate in which you departed, contact the front desk with your tail number for access to the airside ramp. Drive the RV through the gate and to your aircraft to unloading your personal belonging onto your aircraft. FLY2RV local RV rental dealer will meet in at the ramp to complete the check procedure. After the check out procedure, you can jump on your plane and off you go the your next adventure. Have a great flight :)

COMMERICAL: If you flew into a commercial airport, you would proceed to the cell phone parking lot. Upon arrival, our FLY2RV local RV rental dealer will meet you and complete the check out procedure. Please allow 30-45 minutes for the check out procedure. Afterwards, you will gather your belongings, load them in the FLY2RV transportation vehicle which will take you to your departure airline check in gate.

How many guest are allowed per an RV?

Under RV details there will be the max amount of people allowed.

What happens if I cancel?

If you wish to cancel a confirmed booking, FLY2RV, LLC’s policies regarding cancellations and refunds will apply to such cancellation as outlined below. If our RV Rental Dealer cancels a confirmed booking, FLY2RV, LLC will refund 100% of the RV payments to the applicable Customer. If Customer cancels the following cancellation policy applies.

    • If cancelled more than 15 days prior to departure:
      • 100% of paid prepayments refundable
      • Customer is responsible for the service fees.
    • If cancelled 15 days or less prior to departure.
      • 0% of paid prepaids refundable

    Do I pay per mile?

    Typically the RV will come with 100-125 free miles per day. Mileage overage will be determined by the local RV rental dealer. Please confirm with our FLY2RV local RV rental dealer on price per mile for overages. 

    Do I have to return the RV with the tank full of gas?

    It is standard to return the RV with the tank filled to the same point it was when the RV was first