The Beginnings of FLY2RV

The Plan

As a former owner of a Twin Aero Commander 680 FPL, I have 100 of hours in the air flying to many fun locations. However, these locations were mostly taking the family to fly-in restaurants for the morning and back home. But this time back in 2019, I wanted to make a special trip for my 15-year-old daughter, my beautiful wolfdog and myself to fly out to Arizona and rent an RV for the first time to explore the beautiful outdoor nature and scenery of the Grand Canyon and the red rocks of Sedona Arizona.

So, I began the search on-line looking to rent an RV in these areas. What I found was websites promoting individual owner RVs that were not even close to where I needed to fly into. I settled on booking an RV in the Phoenix area to drive up to the Grand Canyon from there. Before we left, I booked and paid for the Rental RV on the website and called the owner of the RV. He told me that the RV was not too far from the Phoenix airport, so I could take a taxi or Uber. “Ok great, see you at the time and location we agreed on”.

The Trip Begins

Picking Up The Rental RV

My daughter, the dog and I boarded a commercial flight from Orlando to Phoenix excited to explore the unknown territory of Arizona. We land, grab our bags, so we thought, as one of our bags were missing. It took 2 hours to finally get our last bag, in the meantime I called the RV owner to let him know about the bag issue. He told me I needed to hurry that the storage unit where the RV was located would be closing soon and we might not be able to get it out. We hurried, grabbed an Uber and headed to the address of the storage unit. I realized as soon as the driver started to drive, the trip was going to take around an hour and we might not make it there in time.

A $75 Uber ride later and just what I thought, we arrived 10 minutes after the storage unit closed and the RV owner was nowhere to be found. My 15-year-old daughter, my dog and I stood outside a fenced in storage yard looking at the RV we were supposed to rent and sleep in that night. My heart sunk, I felt so bad for my daughter for letting her down after all the excitement and talk about going on the RV trip. I called the RV owner who told me he had to go back home for a minute but will be right back.

Finally, after 30 minutes of standing there, the RV owner showed up telling us he was not sure if you could get the manager to open the gates to get the RV out. Luckily, the manager agreed to come back and opened the gates for us.

The Adventure

Returning The RV

Now, it was time to return the RV to the owner, so I called him to inform of our arrival time. He asked me if I could drop off the RV at his house instead of the storage unit. I agreed and started driving that way. As I entered the neighborhood, the streets were very narrow with cars parked on both sides of the street leaving about a foot on either side of the RV for clearance. Then as I rounded the bend to his house, a large truck was parked on the side which I could not get passed or could I back up. Now I was stuck literally 3 houses down from the RV owner.

I called the RV owner, who came out to meet me and said we will have to find the owner of the truck. At this point, I said I am leaving the RV right here in the middle of the road and you can deal with the owner of the truck. As he was checking me out, I called an Uber to head to the airport. Finally, the Uber arrived, and we were off to the airport. This time the Uber cost $91.00 and an hour to get there since his home was even further away from the airport than the storage unit. We arrived at the airport and boarded our flight back to Orlando.

The Experience

After we arrived back in Orlando, my daughter and I shared with each other how much we enjoyed the trip seeing all the sites. I thought to myself, yes it would have been perfect if we had a better experience picking up and dropping off the RV…. that is when the FLY2RV concept took flight.

We hope that you, as either an RV Rental Dealer or a prospective RV renter, are greatly encouraged to try our services. We look forward to answering your inquires, to serving you. Please do not hesitate to call 800-787-5723 or email us at Thank you for considering FLY2RV for your next RV rental experience and I invite all RV Rental Dealers to JOIN our team!

Jim Schivley, CEO/President